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Employee Accomplishments

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Student Concern Form

If you observe students’ behavior that could potentially affect their ability to thrive at LBC, please report your concerns using this form. When the form is submitted, a communication will go to a cross-functional team comprised of Student Affairs, Disability Services, Residence Life, C3 and a Faculty Representative. This team will then determine next steps and communicate with the necessary departments regarding an appropriate and timely response.

What are the types of observable behaviors or concerns you can report? (not a comprehensive list)

  • 1) Missed classroom attendance for a week or more with no communication.
  • 2) Missed homework/assignment deadlines without communication.
  • 3) Needs to be away from campus for medical or non-medical reasons.
  • 4) In danger of failing a course.
  • 5) Abrupt change in patterns of behavior.
  • 6) Risk of harm to self or others.
  • 7) Considering withdrawal.

For emergencies or if you think a student may be in danger, contact 911 (9-911 from LBC phones) and/or Public Safety at 717.560.8247 (8247 from LBC phones).