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The mission of the Office of Digital Learning is to embody servanthood, exemplify stewardship, and epitomize pathfinding in facilitating all digital initiatives at Lancaster Bible College|Capital Seminary & Graduate School, and enhance its mission to educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving him in the Church and society.

Transition to Canvas

canvas logoLBC|Capital's transition from Schoology to Canvas will occur between May and September, with most programs/constituencies transitioning in July and August. Here is the schedule of first terms/sessions in Canvas:

  • May 27: PDN Uganda
  • July 8: Accelerated Undergraduate
  • August 19/26: Graduate School – Counseling & MEd
  • August 26: Traditional Undergraduate
  • August 26: Seminary – MA, MDiv, & PhD
  • September 2: Seminary – DMin


Supplemental/Blended Course Content Migration

Content from previous supplemental/blended traditional and accelerated undergraduate courses will not be automatically migrated to Canvas. To request the migration of this content, please do the following steps: 

  1. Submit a Course Content ARCHIVE Request. This will direct the ODL to archive your Schoology course content for future transfer to Canvas. (Note that not all content types transfer.) This form will remain open through October 1, 2019, which is the deadline for making ALL such requests.
  2. Submit a Course Content TRANSFER Request. This will direct the ODL to transfer your Schoology course content to an upcoming course's website in Canvas. This form must be submitted between 120 days and 60 days PRIOR to an individual course's start date.

For traditional and accelerated courses being offered during the Fall 2019 semester, please bypass these steps and complete this Fall 2019 Migration Request Form instead. Course content requests submitted through this form will be archived and transferred at the same time.

Canvas FAQ

How do I access Canvas?

Canvas can be accessed through one of two ways:

  1. Directly to the platform: Go to If prompted, log in with your LBC|Capital credentials, the same email address and password you use to log into your office computer and access your institutional email account.
  2. Through the Employee Portal: From any page in the portal, click the Canvas link under “LBC Resources” in the left-side navigation menu.
Where can I learn about how to use Canvas?

The Office of Digital Learning is offering a series of informational sessions and training workshops during the summer and fall. See the top of this page for details. 

In addition, here are some self-serve learning resources:

When will my course(s) be available in Canvas?

The empty Canvas shell for a course will become visible to the professor as early as 120 days prior to the course's start date. (Due to the transition, Fall 2019 courses will be visible approximately 60 days prior to the start date.) The Office of Digital Learning endeavors to populate course content at least 30 days before the start date. In some cases, it will be much earlier. As with Schoology, courses in Canvas will become visible to students one week before the start date.

Is Canvas working right now?

Canvas is guaranteed to be operational 99.9% of the time. However, glitches happen and systems temporarily go down. If you are experiencing an issue with Canvas, please check Canvas's status page. Any platform issues shown there are being addressed. If all systems appear operational, then your issue may only be affecting our instance of the platform. In that case, please reach out to us by email at or call us during normal business hours at 717.560.8263.

How do I get help with a problem in Canvas?

If you are experiencing an issue in Canvas, please report it to the Office of Digital Learning from the affected page. To do this, navigate to the page where your issue is occurring, click the question mark icon with the word “Help” underneath, and click on “Report a Problem.” In the form that appears, fill it out with as much information as you can provide and then click “Submit Ticket.” We will respond as quickly as we are able.

If you are unable to report the issue from the affected page, please send an email to with the details of what you are experiencing and where you experience it. We will respond as quickly as we are able.

Is there a Canvas mobile app?

Yes, in fact there are two: one for students and another for teachers. Follow these links to access the teacher app on Apple's App Store for iOS devices and Google's Play Store for Android devices. 

Learning Canvas

Canvas training is available in 3 forms: a self-paced online course, face-to-face workshops, and live webinars. The online course, “Growing with Canvas,” is always open. Click here to enroll.

Here is the list of the currently scheduled face-to-face and webinar options. Click on any topic for the details. Follow the registration link at the bottom of any session to reserve your spot.


Canvas Tips & Tricks

Digital Learning Forms

Online Course Order

This form is for academic departments to request a new online course or redesign of an existing course.

Canvas Access Request Form

Use this form to request course access (non-instructor) or administrative access in Canvas.

Course Cross-list in Canvas Request

This form is for faculty and staff to request that courses be cross-listed/merged in Canvas.

Canvas Group Request

Use this form to request the creation of a group and the permission to manage groups in Canvas.

Course Revision Suggestion

This form is for department chairs, program/content coordinators, and faculty to suggest enhancements to an existing online course.